Artists are in many ways just like athletes. We put in long hours practicing and then we practice some more. Or, to put it another way, we have to warm-up before we engage in our art. I’ve discovered, which of course is not news, is that I have to warm-up before I…(Read More)

Quotes By Picasso

Posey Gaines

I’m posting this to my blog because I’m afraid I’ll lose this list…it was taken from Dan Scott’s Blog: “Everything you can imagine is real.” “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” “It takes a very long time to become…(Read More)

Creating is not as clear cut as we would like to believe. We are “head heavy” with notions of what creative looks like. Take watercolors, there are certain principles to follow…value, focal point, lost edges, warm colors, cool colors and the list goes on and on. So much so that when we pick up…(Read More)

Looking Ahead

Posey Gaines

As this new year opens up before me, I’ve been reflecting upon my journey as a watercolor artist. Reflecting upon my progress and not, reflecting upon the nature of the beast and reflecting upon what I need to do in 2016 to become a better painter. What I came up with is 4 things…(Read More)

Hey! I use to paint watercolors. Hmmm…I should setup my studio and start painting again. Setting up the studio was easy…the painting? I figured, what the hell…I’ll paint a few tests paintings and I’ll be off and running. Shut the front door! It slowly came back to me…how much…(Read More)

When I began to get back into painting watercolors I realized I had to decide how I was going to paint. I had to decide what my style would be. So…how should I paint? There are literally thousands of phenomenal watercolor artists…past and present. I didn’t take long to realize that what…(Read More)

It has been a constant amazement how the process of being creative conjures up all kinds of voices. Saw a post on FB today with a picture of crazy Jack Nicholson that said, “I know the voices aren’t real, but they sure do come up with some great ideas.” What I’ve found is…(Read More)

I ask your indulgence as I write this post…you see, I attended my first ever watercolor workshop led by M.E. Bailey and Mike took my brain out, bounced it off the walls, slammed dunked it into a huge trash can and in general had me having nightmares about “Line, shape, size, direction, color…(Read More)

Aha Moments

Posey Gaines

I just love those “Aha!” moments in life. Those moments where the puzzle almost puts itself together and all you have to do is sit back and smile. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog you know that I started painting watercolors after a 27+ year hiatus. When you’ve been away from…(Read More)

Brush Miles

Posey Gaines

Brush Miles…one of the things I’ve learned since starting up my watercolor painting was a remark I got from Mike Bailey. I was in a workshop with him last May and during the course of a conversation one day he told me, “Posey, you need to paint 565 more paintings.” What? What he…(Read More)