Brush Miles

Posey Gaines

Brush Miles…one of the things I’ve learned since starting up my watercolor painting was a remark I got from Mike Bailey. I was in a workshop with him last May and during the course of a conversation one day he told me, “Posey, you need to paint 565 more paintings.” What?

What he meant was is that you can’t improve unless you are willing to spend time at the easel painting. Simple truth and yet difficult to achieve sometimes. Since that conversation I have painted and painted and painted…maybe not yet at 565 paintings…but getting close. What I discovered surprised me.

  1. The more you paint (brush miles) the less you have to think about how to paint.
  2. The more you paint, the more confident you brush strokes become.
  3. The more you paint, the more you want to paint.
  4. The more you paint, the more obsessed you become with painting.
  5. The more you paint, the less likely you are to make excuses for not painting.
  6. And finally, the more you paint the more enthusiastic you are when you paint.

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