I Use To Paint – How Hard Can This Be?

Posey Gaines

Hey! I use to paint watercolors. Hmmm…I should setup my studio and start painting again. Setting up the studio was easy…the painting? I figured, what the hell…I’ll paint a few tests paintings and I’ll be off and running. Shut the front door!

It slowly came back to me…how much water to use…on your brush, in the paints and on the paper. And what works best painting wet on wet or dry brush on dry paper? And then, what colors are opaque and what colors are translucent and which goes best with which? And then there are the freaking brushes…some of my brushes were so old they just fell apart when I picked them up. So…had to buy some new ones…but which ones?

And then let’s not forget the lost of time that occurs when you begin painting…you look up and it’s freaking 1:00 a.m. Let me tell you, when I was 37 I could get away with that shit…but at 67…that’s a 2 day recovery period.

I have to laugh at myself….just when I think I have it all figured out…kaboom! Not! Of course, is that not like life….just when you think you have it figured out…kaboom! I think I’ll write a new book entitled “Self-Healing Through Watercolor Painting”.

That’s it for now…this is still an ongoing process…so come back and sit a spell as we spin our stories of the wonders of life as interpreted in watercolors.

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