This Thing Called Intuition & Creativity

Posey Gaines

Creating is not as clear cut as we would like to believe. We are “head heavy” with notions of what creative looks like. Take watercolors, there are certain principles to follow…value, focal point, lost edges, warm colors, cool colors and the list goes on and on. So much so that when we pick up a brush we are almost put into a state of suspended animation. Should I do a thumbnail sketch first? Should I paint detailed or impressionistically? What colors should I use?

I saw a video the other day showing children playing…just playing. A couple of them were playing with paints…it was messy…paint all over the place…paint all over them. But from the look on their faces you knew #1 they were playing and #2 they weren’t having any trouble figuring out what to paint…paint was flying everywhere…they would pause for second…look at what they had created so far…and then without a moment hesitation…more paint went flying unto their master pieces.

Creativity involves listening to our intentions which is the first step we take. The 2nd step is to fearlessly ignore the messages in our heads telling us how to follow our intuitions in the creative process…and that’s the rub isn’t it? How can we create master pieces if we don’t follow the masters? How can we create without any regards to the time tested rules of creativity/art that apply to our efforts?

So…we stand on the edge of the precipice of creativity. Somewhere, out there in the darkness…lies the results of our creative efforts…adorned with beauty and magnificence. It’s breath taking, our heart skips a beat. Could it be that all this beauty and magnificence is really within us? Couldn’t be…we’re not that creative…at least not yet. We need to step back from the edge and think this through. Go back over the rules, find another expert to tell us how it is done.
There’s really only one way that we can proceed…we have to walk up to the edge of the precipice and JUMP! Yes, it’s scary and it’s difficult and we may fail miserably. The real point is, that’s exactly how all the great creativity minds in all ages had to do it…they JUMPED into the darkness not knowing where they would land…but they knew it was the only way for them to discover who they really were creatively.
So…do you want to follow your intuition and live a creative life?


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