And so the journey begins. I’ve had a studio partially setup for about 3 years now and so I finally decided that since it had been 27+ years since I last touched a watercolor brush it was time. It has been an adventure to say the least. When you haven’t touched something in 27+¬†years, you don’t just pick it up like you use to. To say the least, it has been fun, frustrating, life lessons brought to light and an unexpected joy.

Why do I paint? I think the best answer I have for now is one I read from another watercolor artist, “I don’t know for sure, but there’s that little kid in me that wants to say ‘Look what I did'”

What have I discovered? Watercolor painting is really another expression of our interpretation of life. We put our own mark on the world with what we say, with what we do and with what we paint. The surprising and not so surprising thing for me is realizing during this process how much of a control freak I am….I want it perfect! First time! Dude…that ain’t going to happening….so rage on into the night…or relax and enjoy the ride.

I am going to keep a gallery of my process as well as a blog to record my observations as I continue on this exhilarating journey.