Watercolor Beyond The Obvious

Posey Gaines

I ask your indulgence as I write this post…you see, I attended my first ever watercolor workshop led by M.E. Bailey and Mike took my brain out, bounced
mike-baileyit off the walls, slammed dunked it into a huge trash can and in general had me having nightmares about “Line, shape, size, direction, color, value and texture.” I seriously had one nightmare where I was being chased by a huge color wheel that was being remotely controlled by Mike who kept laughing every time I had to jump out of the way of this 10ft tall color wheel. Consequently, my brain is fried and I find writing coherent sentences is a struggle at this point…being one day after a full 5 day working workshop.

In all my 67 years, I have never been a part of any learning experience that was so intense, so informative and so enlightening as Mike Bailey’s workshop: Watercolor Beyond the Obvious

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